Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Horrible MRI scan.

Yesterday was ..... well I am so glad that is over, the MRI was very, very unpleasant to say the least!! First they put me in a machine,  that was pressing on my broken arm and dislocated shoulder and then decided it was too tight so started to pull me out, pulling my shoulder so I started shouting, it was so painful. So then I had the CT scan while the other bigger MRI machine was being used and then they started again. Although I was lying comfortably and with ear plugs and huge earphones to reduce the sound, it was horrible. I couldn't use my phone with the music Dh had down loaded onto it, as the MRI magnets would have broken the phone!!  It wasn't so much the noise but the being enclosed. It took 40 mins!! How I survived I don't know I played alphabet games in my head, after a few prayers to get me through. Never again I don't think I could do it again! It was horrible, when she said via my headphones only 8 more mins I nearly pressed the help button to say, no more I 've had enough! But I did it!! We left the house at 1:40pm and arrived home 9:50pm. We literally caught the underground and main line trains within minutes of them going on our way to getting home. By the time we had something to eat, we dropped into bed at gone 11:30pm.. although we have had a cuppa at 6:00am this morning, we went back to sleep till 8:30 we were exhausted. I walked 7863 steps, some at speed when we rushed to get trains.
Thank God it's over! I hope the surgeon will be able to do something for me, it will be 2 years next month from when I first broke my arm!! Sometimes in that 2 years it has been hell, thank you to my lovely Dh that I have got through all this time.
Ps If anyone else has had an MRI I 'd be interested to hear about your experiences.


  1. "It wasn't so much the noise but the being enclosed" oh my dear if ever again you must request an open MRI - makes all the difference in the world.

    I sincerely hope this will allow the surgeon to help you.


  2. I had an MRI scan in the early 2000s and I said never again as I felt like I was in a coffin and my vivid imagination started to work. You know the films where the world has ended and everyone is either dead or a zombie, well that was my imagination and I couldn't see anyway out of that machine if that did happen. I'm sure my blood pressure went up whilst I was in that machine. Despite what I said at the first one I had to have another MRI scan a few years later and was told I could take some music to listen to, but although I took a CD I didn't use it because this machine was more modern with a see through window in the top where I could see the radiographers and the room outside the tube. The older one was very scary. Still, we both survived it.

    Joan (Wales)