Tuesday, 7 March 2017

It's not so 'black!'

Well we are over our initial down of the house (not) moving and resigned to the fact we are back on the market.
We have looked at other houses for sale in and around the little town where we want to live, and altho' there isn't one we think as nice as the one we wanted initially, there are some possibles, so we don't feel so bad. And of course there is always the possibility that we will get another  buyer with a complete 'chain' or that the house we like, won't get sold. Anyway we have decided we'll wait a week or two then go and stay in Suffolk in a holiday cottage for a week and look at other houses.
What has helped is our tidying and cleaning yesterday, we look better here.. today our targets are upstairs windows which I can do, Dh is washing the kitchen floor and cleaning the bathroom and down stairs cloakroom. Dh has put a new lock on the bedroom door, which was broken. It didn't bother us as we sleep with the door open.  So then we have a couple of painting jobs to do just to keep us spic and span.
Enjoy your day, sunny here so that helps to brighten my mood! We will move to Suffolk one day!!


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  1. No wonder house-selling and buying is classed as one of the most stressful things to deal with. It's good that you are philosophical about it and making plans to continue the search - and the week in Suffolk will be a lovely "get away from it all" break, especially if the sun shines on you. I wish you lots of luck that a new buyer will come along as quickly as possible and you can still have the house of your dreams. Rosemary xx