Sunday, 12 March 2017

It's spring, spring, spring!!

When we decided not to move and to stay here in October last year, we planted hundreds of bulbs.
Then I bought some Sweet Williams, Polyanthus  and spread compost all over this main flower bed. We weeded well, I pruned the roses and cut back some of the fruit trees. Then we decided beginning of November, (well it was me really) we would move. So here we are ready to move and a pretty spring flowering garden. 


These are beautiful little 'Jet Fire' which were made very popular when Alan Titchmarsh was planting them in his garden a few years ago. I love them. There are lots of tulips to come too. And the camassia have spread, so they will be a most gorgeous show. I will be planting tulips and daffs where we're going to move to as well.
Can't wait now!

 Welcome Gill Quick, my latest follower.

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  1. Your garden is looking so pretty, we are still under about 3 feet of snow!! Will you be able to take some of your plants with you when you move?