Sunday, 5 March 2017

Not spending money!!

Once I decide something, I am usually very good about carrying it through and lent is only 6 weeks!
But omgosh Alison Krause has just released her latest CD.. She is my all time favourite singer in the whole world.. oh dear what shall I do???
Well the week after next I am booked to have a CT and MRI, and I needed something to play music.
Of course my DH is an electronic engineer and loves to mess around with anything technical. So he has down loaded her latest CD called 'Windy City,' onto my phone. I didn't know this was possible! (I am living in the dark ages as far as down loaded music goes!)
Yep, he has bought it for me!
Does that count as me not spending??
And yesterday he bought me a magazine, 'House Beautiful' So I am cheating in a way, although I didn't ask him to, 'onest!
Signing off feeling full of happiness and I feel well for the first time for a month.
I have stopped worrying about the house move, the sun is shining and after our Sunday dinner of Lamb Shanks, we're off walking in Southend.
Happy days all.
Welcome to two new followers, Chris West and Myra

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