Saturday, 25 March 2017

Oh how I wish!!... a day that ended badly

I was over joyed this morning at SW when the scales showed 17st.. can you imagine that being delighted to be 17st that's 238lbs? A few years ago I was horrified to be 14.7st!!
 But it was my first personal target; this week I lost 2.5 lbs, the most I have lost in a week for a while.
My next personal target is 16.4, only 10lbs to lose..
Can I do that by 31st May, which is my next appointment with the surgeon in London, only 10 weeks.  A pound a week to lose, it doesn't seem a lot each week, but I don't take anything for granted!
If I averaged 1.5 a week I could lose 15 lbs, and that's what I want to do!!
At the moment I buy most of my clothes from M&S but I'd love to buy some from some where else.
 So I will set my next target for 16st!!!
I have a  denim skirt like this but I don't look like this!!

I'd like to wear a jacket this!

A lacy top would be nice too!
 Ah well I am trying!! Are you trying to lose weight ?

House selling and buying
We are in a quandary.. our buyers Mr and Mrs B are very keen to buy our house, but are not able to sell theirs. They have had prospective buyers but twice each time their buyers have changed their minds.
There is now a third buyer and in a survey, the results have been a damp issue. It's the second time this has been found. What we don't understand is why Mr and Mrs B haven't had it sorted.
We have been patiently waiting for 2 months, but now our vendors are insisting that we all be ready to exchange contracts by Easter, 4 weeks time.
We understand if we can't confirm this,  than they will re-market.
It is tearing us apart, today we have had a silent row, you know the sort where you both close down and say.. 'what ever!' Really meaning a lot more!
We have a few niggly little jobs that need doing, if I didn't have this b----y duff arm I would do them. DH takes ages to do somethings and today I suggested we employ a handy man for a day or two to get them done. DH took offence but I didn't care because we need these silly little things done, because our Estate Agent has said, re-market.
These little jobs have been on our 'to do' list since last November, when we first put our house up for sale.
Our worry is we will lose the house we love, but if we do, C'est  la vie.
But I would be so disappointed, if we did.
Mean while I suppose I 'll have to apologise to Dh for my silent act today, but oh can't men be so difficult some times.
I expect I can be too.
Do you have silent rows?
What we really need is someone to talk this over with who is not involved!

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  1. Have a look at 'Diet Doctor' and the low carbohydrates way of eating - I was scared by a 'heading for diabetes' diagnosis and it definitely focuses the mind! So I tried the low carb/high fat diet and lost one and a half stones. Wow! Very surprised by this as I hadn't changed my eating plan to lose weight, but to reverse the diabetes diagnosis (which I did in 3 months). Now I have increased the carbs a little and DE-creased the fats a little, so as to lower my cholesterol - so far, so good. I hope you do the same - good luck. xx