Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Silly me!

While surfing some blogs I saw someone who said she couldn't live without her over locker, so I looked them up.. whew over £300 and more. Then I thought of ebay, there were loads for sale. So I looked at several and put in a bid on one. Almost immediately I was out bid, so I bid again and then put in my top bid.. ah ha I thought that will secure it for me. Then I started to think about it, why did I want an over locker? My machine does a lot of fancy stitches and I do edge fabric when necessary with a blanket stitch which works very well. I went back to the ad. my bid was still the top bid and then I noticed it was collect only!! Silly me why hadn't I seen that. Dh said it wouldn't be a problem as it was on the M1 and we could call in when we went to visit his mother. But still I thought what a wally I was, why didn't read all the ad.
But today I was out bid... whew saved. I didn't need an over locker anyway!
So for Lent I am giving up buying things I don't need, and that will mean books too, oh dear, hope I can keep to it.
Have you given up anything for lent?



  1. Looking through my bank statement, most debits are for Kindle books. Well, when they're 'only 99p' they are a bargain, aren't they? But when added up over a month . . . ouch! So I really should follow your example and give up buying books for Lent . . . except I bought one this morning. Oh dear! Can that one be overlooked, d'ya think? If I promise to be good for the rest of Lent?

  2. I took about 30 books to a charity second hand bookstore today and only brought about 10 home with me. I think that's pretty good.

  3. O bless you.. i too have been relieved at being outbid at times..instant regret of bidding..
    I havent give up anything for Lent.Maybe not buy the book i have my eye on..ooh that will be hard though as i have been after it for ages..