Thursday, 9 March 2017

Things will all work out... the mean time I am learning to dance in the rain, although since breaking my arm I have to pay to have my hair styled each week and so avoid rainy days!!
We are on the moving/not moving roller coaster at the moment and we could be living in limbo, but we are living as though everything will be fine.
This evening we had a phone call from the Estate Agent to tell us the house, that we really love and want to buy has had an offer that has been accepted, but they need a mortgage... but then as we put down the phone.. our own Estate Agent phoned to tell us our buyer has a new buyer with the money to buy....YEH!! But will it be too late for us to get the house we want??
We are up and down like a yoyo! Who'd believe house buying and selling can be so stressful?
Oh dear I have lost a follower, am I so boring?

1 comment:

  1. I would! We've had so many set backs it's beyond laughable. Still, you have to keep plodding on. Good luck.

    Joan (Wales)