Friday, 31 March 2017

When it's just another day...of waiting...

... we escape to Southend! Although at this present time our move seems to be positive news, we can't help thinking...'what if'.. the buyer changes his mind, he doesn't have the money, the 'searches' bring up something that he will object Dh packed up our lunch and in a cloudy dull late morning, we set off.
Criky for the first time ever we were caught up in a long queue of traffic, just 5 miles onto the Arterial road to Southend, the 127.  Today the 25min journey took just under the hour. But in that time the sun arrived.
There weren't as many people there as we thought might be, and so we got a parking space facing the sea right opposite our favourite cafĂ©, Rossi. The sea was right up to the wall and in some places it was crashing over; beautiful to watch
We ate our SW packed up lunch and then had an ice-cream, I had a very small tub, so not too many calories, Nell's was bigger than mine. I didn't walk, I had to read my book, I wanted to find out what happened.. if you want a good read, 'The Shadow Year' by Hannah Richell. Getting away, we came home feeling wonderful, getting out was just what we needed.. we'll do the rest of the garden tomorrow, yes we'll do it tomorrow.


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  1. Keep thinking positive thoughts, Chris - it WILL happen. The day out was just the right thing to do though, take your minds off all the stress that moving house brings. Keep looking forward and soon you will be there. - Rosemary xx