Friday, 10 March 2017

Yeh... it's all tickety boo!!

Love this house!
This all happened last evening.....Whew....bit of a roller coaster ride here re:- house moving.. So... re-cap....having had the phone call to say the house we want to buy was under offer from another buyer last evening.. AND... then within minutes of that call we had one from our Estate agents to say... our buyers have  a firm new buyer with the cash to buy and it all looked very positive, so the 'chain' was complete again.. we spoke to the Suffolk agent this morning and the house there is ours again!! yippeeeeeeeee
The offer from the couple wasn't the asking price and also as we have had the searches and surveys done the whole process with us as buyers,  would be shorter and we are cash buyers. And the new buyer in the chain wants to move end of this month or latest before Easter!!!!!
I have celebrated by having a real coffee, not decaf and a Jaffa cake! I like to hit the heights!!
We went to the garden centre and I have bought some new plants to pretty up the front pots and they now look fresh and pretty,  instead of winter weary.
Have a wonderful day everyone... love abounds from cloud 9 here and I am singing.. la la la



  1. So glad to hear everything is a 'go' again!!!

  2. Yesssss!!!! So glad it has all worked out for you and you can have the house of your dreams.