Friday, 28 April 2017

Arggg this dieting thing!!

This morning we popped back to T***o,  because we are not moving next week as arranged and so we needed some extra bits... a woman in the next checkout to us had 6 or 7 filled baguettes, they looked like a variety of meats and salads bursting with mayo and packets of sandwiches, plus cakes, some lush Danish pastries, ( don't you just love that one with custard?) and full sized chocolate cakes, plus a variety of drinks. I wanted to go home with her because we had a cauliflower, cabbage, mushrooms, tinned tomatoes, strawberries, lean bacon and a chicken, no comparision really???? This dieting thing just gets to me now and then and we came home to fish n chips??? Did we heck.. no smoked salmon sandwiches with low fat cream cheese spread in crustless wholemeal bread, followed by fat free Luscious Lemon yoghurt, which actually is very nice. But those Danish pastries kept popping into my mind. We wondered what was the occasion, that she had bought all that lush non diet food for??
Do you look at other peoples 'buys' in the supermarket?

ASMR] ★ Close up Danish Pastry Eating ★ [Mouth sounds] [Breathing ...


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  2. I sometimes look and think that there is a lot of money spend on no actual food.

  3. Of course I look!

    Mine is usually a mix of fresh and ready or eat. Nothing exciting