Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Over yesterdays 'hump'

Yesterday I felt wild, nothing was right, everything seemed wrong. I hated everything  around me, but today I feel calm!
And this is what greeted me this morning out of my kitchen door.

You probably have to tap this to re-size it to make it bigger, but it is glorious.
Just one side of our garden, my side. All weed free too, the drier weather has made it easy to hoe the small weeds, altho' a lot were love-in-the-mist and marigold seedlings.
And all this tendered and nurtured with one arm!
Life isn't so bad after all!!



  1. So pleased you are feeling more cheerful. I'm trying to get my hand back into full use and wonder to myself how you ever manage? Then this week a blood vessel burst in my right eye so there is no white only dark dark crimson and I look like something from Dracula!!

  2. Beautiful photo of your garden!!