Wednesday, 31 May 2017

My duff arm news.

I have been to see the orthopaedic surgeon, Ms Higgs,  in London today and have agreed to have an operation.. she said it will be a big one, but I have been like this for 2 years and 6 weeks now and I want my life back. So I had part pre-op tests there and then, my BP was 125/59.. couldn't be better! Answered lots of questions and swabbed for MRSA and now I will be contacted by some one to answer other questions and the op. probably will be in about 2 months time.. so  that will give me time to organise things here. And to lose some more weight, between leaving Essex and arriving here I managed to put on weight, DH lost!!
She did say my CT scan technicians thought there was some healing of my fracture, but she wasn't sure herself, but I did say to her that I am able to do more with my arm these days, but it does still hurt. Did I say I can clean my teeth with my right hand now? Anyway I know it's not going to be easy and painful, but neither is living with my arm! On the train journey, I read a big chunk of my book.. Rosie Thomas, ' Daughter of the House' I am really enjoying it.
On the train from Ipswich to Saxmundham, it was crowded, one man had bags on the seat next to him, so I politely asked him, had he paid for two seats??? He begrudgingly put them on the rack. Dh had to stand part of the way till people got out two stops before us.

We took Nell to the kennels first thing and will pick her up tomorrow morning.  We know she'll be ok and safe, just hope she feels ok in herself and we hope she knows we'll be back for her!! It was new kennels for her, and very basic,  but it was clean and the other dogs there looked ok.
Suffolk prices are very different, we used to pay £18.50 a day in Essex, here its £8.00!! We are still finding things out here about the towns and villages and we are for ever getting lost down endless lanes but enjoying it.
With this operation on the cards it has given us a push to get on and get things done, so we have kitchen fitters booked, so we can have a new kitchen. This was the one we left!

 I still have my dresser, just needs a rub down and polished!

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Is this your life?

  It's definitely mine! 

“Life is amazing.
And then it's awful.
 And then it's amazing again.
And in between the amazing and awful it's ordinary and mundane and routine.
Breathe in the amazing, hold on through the awful, and relax and exhale during the ordinary.
That's just living heartbreaking, soul-healing, amazing, awful, ordinary life.
And it's breathtakingly beautiful.”
L.R. Knost

Saturday, 27 May 2017

BEAUTIFUL.....For the Manchester 22

As a retired teacher and one who organised and taught the school choirs in several schools, this is no mean feat for the teacher who did this.. to her/ him...
thank you.


Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Is it really two weeks??

We are settling down at last.. until last Monday we were still living in box city, just a different house! We still don't have the internet, we are piggy-backing on a neighbour through BT wifi with fon.. very annoying but BT have decided we need a new router!
We have had a tree firm in to cut down the huge conifers and prune some very over grown shrubs and we can now see how very big the garden is. DS's girl friend has offered to come and help on her day off and my DS has come regularly to help with boxes, so that was good; we felt overwhelmed last Thursday, it all seemed so much to do and me with one arm, it seemed too hard.. DH has worked so hard with moving boxes but still he has had to do a wash and peg it out, he does think we have to have washing out routinely!!
But we have got the lounge and dining room more or less sorted, and DS has put up my over mantle mirror and my favourite picture. 
We have been out to some garden centres and chosen some shrubs to plant where the big trees were. Our neighbours are delighted with the trees gone, as they were shading their gardens. Both sides our neighbours are lovely, makes it even nicer for us.
We could keep busy every day just always trying to get things sorted and then collapsing into bed each night, but we decide what time to stop and we do and then go out!
Today we have met friends for lunch in a super little cafĂ© out in the countryside. It is so beautiful here; and we are loving it.

Friday, 19 May 2017

We've been here 8 days!!

We joined the local SW group last evening so to follow the plan we needed a biggish shop. We were used to a very large Tesco so today was a surprise. We battled with narrow isles, big trolleys loading shelves, crowds and where was stuff we wanted kept??? LOL  We had to pop to Waitrose for some items that 'Mr T' didn't have... wide isles, no crowds and found what we needed right away. Back home we had mackerel pate on a wholemeal roll, which was very nice,  but would have been nicer with butter as well and then a Danone raspberry yoghurt which was lovely. I could have eaten two!! At the SW meeting last evening, DH had lost and I put on! Must have been the fish n chips, Indian meal from Tesco's, cake from Waitrose,  chocolate the other night and those delish ryvita with dried fruit slathered in butter, I have enjoyed all this last week, I reckoned DH lost because he wasn't wearing his jumper! Still we have some nice food for the week. Tonight we have cod and  chips and peas.. yum yum!
Hope you find some bargains.. we got our cod from Waitrose which is 20% off on Fridays.
Sorting out the kitchen this afternoon as it is a mess, dish washer is due to arrive Monday.. hurrah!! Isn't it strange but when you have to hand wash dishes, at first it's a novelty but you soon get fed up!!
I have to find the wool I bought for the CAL I signed up for, as it started yesterday. Yet more boxes to check, will we ever be straight??
Moving is hard, have any of you found it easy??

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

It's all happening.

We woke to the heavenly sound of rain! Everywhere was so dry, we really needed it, not just our gardens but rivers and reservoirs. The garden was drippy wet, especially the shrubs that line the path as I walked through them with two men from a tree firm. I lead the way pointing out the trees we need cut down and the shrubs we want pruned.. I am waiting for their quote. By 11 the rain had stopped and we had hot sunshine. The plumber I phoned yesterday turned up as he said at 10:00am, isn't that good.. and fixed the shower and the cold tap in the bathroom, £55 which we thought very reasonable. Essex and Suffolk water turned up too and within 5 mins we had a water meter.. the builder I contacted about the new kitchen we want,  phoned, so that's a start and very importantly this afternoon I bought a dishwasher from John Lewis, who price match, guarantee for 24 months and can deliver on Monday.. yeah!!
Some more boxes were emptied and we had our initial appointment at the Dr's surgery, after which we went for a coffee.. we don't mind things that have to be done, but we do have to make time for coffee!!  What about you?


Tuesday, 16 May 2017

It was a sunshiny morning here today. We feel we're on holiday.. we are sleeping better, I didn't wake till 8:15 this morning. We have no one coming, so we can relax. It was very nice to see people yesterday, but we really need some days by ourselves, to take our time unpack some boxes, do a bit in the garden, sit around, drink some coffee and just time to take stock of everything!!
We should have had our own internet connection today, but no.. last evening we were happily watching an episode of ' The Crown' on Netflix using BT hub and it suddenly disconnected, who's ever connection we were using switched it off! LOL
Today we have unpacked three boxes, I've  hung up clothes from two suit cases and we have done a little to the garden. I have phoned a builder about the kitchen, a plumber for a new shower, because the cold tap is seized up and the water gets scolding hot and a tree surgeon to take out all the  conifers which are much too big and to prune all the shrubs.. the garden is very over grown, but it is still lovely. 

DH has cut the grass shorter so hopefully it will green up.. we need rain. All in all we have enjoyed our day. We ended up eating our evening meal in the garden listening to the birds.. bliss! Hope you had a good day too.

Sunday, 14 May 2017

What shall we do first???

It has rained here, but blue skies now. We had a lovely time here yesterday with DS, his GF and her little boy. I took charge of LB,, he's 6 going on 60!! He never stops talking. I had seen a dinosaurs' little kit which was a plaster shaped egg which you scrape at to find a little dinosaur inside. I put it by some plants that he could find, it kept him happy for quite a while, then he and I walked down the back lane to look for more 'eggs'!!! He kept up a running commentary on everything we saw and hundreds of questions. I used my walking stick,  as with my useless arm in its sling, my balance isn't good. He was great fun and interested in everything. We didn't find any more dinosaur eggs but as he said, there is always another day!! Such an old persons' comment!
GF tackled the grass nearest to the house and so it is a lot better, but still not looking like a lawn. DS moved furniture and boxes with DH.
We managed to produce a very nice BBQ with a limited number of dishes to serve things in, but the meat was delish. DH had let the coals get really hot so everything cooked superbly.
We even sat outside to eat but with our jackets on!
DS is coming again this week to put up some pictures and my over mantle mirror as we do have one fireplace. There is still lots to do but we have found the meat tin, plus some cooking tins; today we're having rib of beef and Yorkshire puds.. yum yum
So what shall we do first??? Lots to do here,  it is definitely a project...but I have looked up kitchen fitters, decorators, gardeners, tree surgeons and plumbers as the down stair's loo is a bit 'niffy.' I have tried bicarb, which does neutralise smells but it is still there. The tank has been boxed in with a pine wood structure and DH thinks it's that that is smelling. At the moment we leave the door open in there and that helps. Anyone any ideas?
But we are happy here..this afternoon we are off to the seaside, not Southend but Southwold. We can't wait, so we will be leaving the boxes still waiting to be unpacked and off to enjoy that sea air.
Life couldn't be better!

Friday, 12 May 2017

Good morning from Suffolk,
We have washing ready to peg out but after two glorious days its raining! But the scent in the garden is wonderful. Disappointingly the garden is like a jungle, looks like they hadn't cut the grass for the last few weeks and the back grass is knee high, but we do have a strimmer and a very long lead so we can cut it initially and then use our big power motor. Just going to be a lot of work.
The garden is a lot bigger than we thought and saw the first time we looked round so we will be getting a tree surgeon and getting some of the fir trees down as soon as we get more organised.. we have boxes every where and the ones the removal firm packed are all labelled kitchen but not what is in them! So that is a must today to find our every day china.
We have joined the library, priority!! Signed on with a Dr and made arrangement to open an account with Barclays, as it is the only bank in town, we thought it would be handy for paying in money and then transferring it on line to our main accounts and we've  shopped in the Coop, the only supermarket in the little town.
Nell loves the garden and so did DS's girlfriends little boy, as they all came round on Wednesday.. it's a child's heaven as it goes on for ever with different areas. I think we'll be using a gardener till we get it sorted.
But all in all it's wonderful here.. altho the day we moved we were in bed at quarter to nine, we were cream crackered!! We were awake at 4, had a cup of tea downnstairs and then we went back to bed and slept till 8:30 with Nell! She slept down stairs last night for the first time and was quiet!
Ds and his girlfriend are coming round Saturday afternoon to help us, so that will be a massive help.
So a busy day today searching for the every day china.
Welcome to my new follower Chris West.

Good bye after 48 years...

 At last we are off, so it's good bye to number 7 where I have lived for 16 years and goodbye to Billericay where I lived for 48 years....

Hello number 38..we are going Wednesday.. packing has been hard we have a lot of stuff. This doesn't look great but these are just some of the plants to come with us
The top picture is our garden here, flowers all ready to bloom. The tall ones front left, are camassia alba, which are glorious when in full flower. I shall have to buy the bulbs in the autumn for our new garden.
And this rose's scent is so fragrant, and it was these that I hurriedly picked three years ago now, to use as confetti at my step daughter's wedding. They kept their perfume and were a great hit with other guests who thought it was a great idea... but I had picked them to use because I had forgotten to buy the real stuff.
Some beautiful memories have been made in this garden, I got quite emotional thinking about leaving it.
But we are looking forward to our new home and new places to explore.

Friday, 5 May 2017

The end is in sight

At last things are working out for our has been 6 months since we had an offer on our house and we put an offer on the one we want in Suffolk. This last buyer is a cash buyer, good?? yes and no.. something we didn't know, but if you produce a large amount of cash, not from your house sale, it has to be verified as coming from a legal source. It seems this is all about scams of 'money laundering!' This last buyer's conveyancer had failed to do this, so for nearly 2 weeks we have had to wait till this was ok-ed!
I haven't been able to sleep, just  worrying about it all, but today things can go ahead.. so Suffolk here we come at last.
I have spent this afternoon packing the under-sink stuff and you know that messy drawer you have in your kitchen into which you pop things? Well we have 3, so that's what I did later on, I sorted through all of them into three bags, keep, chuck and charity shop!
Do you have one?
We are getting really excited now!!