Friday, 12 May 2017

Good bye after 48 years...

 At last we are off, so it's good bye to number 7 where I have lived for 16 years and goodbye to Billericay where I lived for 48 years....

Hello number 38..we are going Wednesday.. packing has been hard we have a lot of stuff. This doesn't look great but these are just some of the plants to come with us
The top picture is our garden here, flowers all ready to bloom. The tall ones front left, are camassia alba, which are glorious when in full flower. I shall have to buy the bulbs in the autumn for our new garden.
And this rose's scent is so fragrant, and it was these that I hurriedly picked three years ago now, to use as confetti at my step daughter's wedding. They kept their perfume and were a great hit with other guests who thought it was a great idea... but I had picked them to use because I had forgotten to buy the real stuff.
Some beautiful memories have been made in this garden, I got quite emotional thinking about leaving it.
But we are looking forward to our new home and new places to explore.

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  1. The time has finally arrived! You must be so glad to finally get in your new home. I'm looking forward to seeing all the pictures.