Friday, 12 May 2017

Good morning from Suffolk,
We have washing ready to peg out but after two glorious days its raining! But the scent in the garden is wonderful. Disappointingly the garden is like a jungle, looks like they hadn't cut the grass for the last few weeks and the back grass is knee high, but we do have a strimmer and a very long lead so we can cut it initially and then use our big power motor. Just going to be a lot of work.
The garden is a lot bigger than we thought and saw the first time we looked round so we will be getting a tree surgeon and getting some of the fir trees down as soon as we get more organised.. we have boxes every where and the ones the removal firm packed are all labelled kitchen but not what is in them! So that is a must today to find our every day china.
We have joined the library, priority!! Signed on with a Dr and made arrangement to open an account with Barclays, as it is the only bank in town, we thought it would be handy for paying in money and then transferring it on line to our main accounts and we've  shopped in the Coop, the only supermarket in the little town.
Nell loves the garden and so did DS's girlfriends little boy, as they all came round on Wednesday.. it's a child's heaven as it goes on for ever with different areas. I think we'll be using a gardener till we get it sorted.
But all in all it's wonderful here.. altho the day we moved we were in bed at quarter to nine, we were cream crackered!! We were awake at 4, had a cup of tea downnstairs and then we went back to bed and slept till 8:30 with Nell! She slept down stairs last night for the first time and was quiet!
Ds and his girlfriend are coming round Saturday afternoon to help us, so that will be a massive help.
So a busy day today searching for the every day china.
Welcome to my new follower Chris West.


  1. Sending best wishes for your future, you have a lot of work ahead of you.

  2. AT LAST AT LAST you are here!! Welcome to our lovely county. Can you give me a clue as to where you are in town? Road initials will do it probably. Enjoy everything. Dr Blades is the best and loveliest DR if she is still there. Daughter will be back part time in the opticians in July.

  3. Welcome to Suffolk. I found you on Sue In Suffolk's Blog. I live in Ipswich.

  4. and the Saturday boot sale on the first saturday of May to September is on the football fields at Melton just north of woodbridge