Tuesday, 16 May 2017

It was a sunshiny morning here today. We feel we're on holiday.. we are sleeping better, I didn't wake till 8:15 this morning. We have no one coming, so we can relax. It was very nice to see people yesterday, but we really need some days by ourselves, to take our time unpack some boxes, do a bit in the garden, sit around, drink some coffee and just time to take stock of everything!!
We should have had our own internet connection today, but no.. last evening we were happily watching an episode of ' The Crown' on Netflix using BT hub and it suddenly disconnected, who's ever connection we were using switched it off! LOL
Today we have unpacked three boxes, I've  hung up clothes from two suit cases and we have done a little to the garden. I have phoned a builder about the kitchen, a plumber for a new shower, because the cold tap is seized up and the water gets scolding hot and a tree surgeon to take out all the  conifers which are much too big and to prune all the shrubs.. the garden is very over grown, but it is still lovely. 

DH has cut the grass shorter so hopefully it will green up.. we need rain. All in all we have enjoyed our day. We ended up eating our evening meal in the garden listening to the birds.. bliss! Hope you had a good day too.

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