Wednesday, 31 May 2017

My duff arm news.

I have been to see the orthopaedic surgeon, Ms Higgs,  in London today and have agreed to have an operation.. she said it will be a big one, but I have been like this for 2 years and 6 weeks now and I want my life back. So I had part pre-op tests there and then, my BP was 125/59.. couldn't be better! Answered lots of questions and swabbed for MRSA and now I will be contacted by some one to answer other questions and the op. probably will be in about 2 months time.. so  that will give me time to organise things here. And to lose some more weight, between leaving Essex and arriving here I managed to put on weight, DH lost!!
She did say my CT scan technicians thought there was some healing of my fracture, but she wasn't sure herself, but I did say to her that I am able to do more with my arm these days, but it does still hurt. Did I say I can clean my teeth with my right hand now? Anyway I know it's not going to be easy and painful, but neither is living with my arm! On the train journey, I read a big chunk of my book.. Rosie Thomas, ' Daughter of the House' I am really enjoying it.
On the train from Ipswich to Saxmundham, it was crowded, one man had bags on the seat next to him, so I politely asked him, had he paid for two seats??? He begrudgingly put them on the rack. Dh had to stand part of the way till people got out two stops before us.

We took Nell to the kennels first thing and will pick her up tomorrow morning.  We know she'll be ok and safe, just hope she feels ok in herself and we hope she knows we'll be back for her!! It was new kennels for her, and very basic,  but it was clean and the other dogs there looked ok.
Suffolk prices are very different, we used to pay £18.50 a day in Essex, here its £8.00!! We are still finding things out here about the towns and villages and we are for ever getting lost down endless lanes but enjoying it.
With this operation on the cards it has given us a push to get on and get things done, so we have kitchen fitters booked, so we can have a new kitchen. This was the one we left!

 I still have my dresser, just needs a rub down and polished!


  1. So pleased that things are happening on the arm front, will pray for you. Looks as if you are settling in well.

  2. Good luck with your operation-a friend had a shoulder op a few years ago due to an injury sustained in a car accident many years before and said the difference was amazing. Good luck with getting lots done beforehand. Catriona