Friday, 5 May 2017

The end is in sight

At last things are working out for our has been 6 months since we had an offer on our house and we put an offer on the one we want in Suffolk. This last buyer is a cash buyer, good?? yes and no.. something we didn't know, but if you produce a large amount of cash, not from your house sale, it has to be verified as coming from a legal source. It seems this is all about scams of 'money laundering!' This last buyer's conveyancer had failed to do this, so for nearly 2 weeks we have had to wait till this was ok-ed!
I haven't been able to sleep, just  worrying about it all, but today things can go ahead.. so Suffolk here we come at last.
I have spent this afternoon packing the under-sink stuff and you know that messy drawer you have in your kitchen into which you pop things? Well we have 3, so that's what I did later on, I sorted through all of them into three bags, keep, chuck and charity shop!
Do you have one?
We are getting really excited now!!


  1. Good news at last. Hope the weather gets a bit better by the time you get here. When the wind is NE as it has been it's blinkin' chilly in Leiston! and cloud keeps coming in off the sea too.

  2. That's great news Chris, hope it doesn't go on for much longer. Most of my kitchen drawers look like that, Tony thinks they are his x

  3. Congratulations. The long wait is nearly over.

  4. Woohooooo! At last you can see the way forward - and finally get into that lovely cottage you've had your eye on for so long.
    I still have a "Dad's drawer" in my kitchen, even though the Dad in question has been dead for more than 30 years and the kids have long ago lived elsewhere.
    But if any of them ask if I have a fuse, or a hinge, or a masonry drill - and I reply, "Look in Dad's drawer, they instantly know where to look and invariably find what they want! Each time I've moved house - and there have been many moves - the contents of that drawer have been bagged and moved into their new home - I could never chuck anything out!