Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Is it really two weeks??

We are settling down at last.. until last Monday we were still living in box city, just a different house! We still don't have the internet, we are piggy-backing on a neighbour through BT wifi with fon.. very annoying but BT have decided we need a new router!
We have had a tree firm in to cut down the huge conifers and prune some very over grown shrubs and we can now see how very big the garden is. DS's girl friend has offered to come and help on her day off and my DS has come regularly to help with boxes, so that was good; we felt overwhelmed last Thursday, it all seemed so much to do and me with one arm, it seemed too hard.. DH has worked so hard with moving boxes but still he has had to do a wash and peg it out, he does think we have to have washing out routinely!!
But we have got the lounge and dining room more or less sorted, and DS has put up my over mantle mirror and my favourite picture. 
We have been out to some garden centres and chosen some shrubs to plant where the big trees were. Our neighbours are delighted with the trees gone, as they were shading their gardens. Both sides our neighbours are lovely, makes it even nicer for us.
We could keep busy every day just always trying to get things sorted and then collapsing into bed each night, but we decide what time to stop and we do and then go out!
Today we have met friends for lunch in a super little cafĂ© out in the countryside. It is so beautiful here; and we are loving it.

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  1. I'm heading your way on Saturday for the 1940's thing at the museum and other places around town(and to see grand daughter too of course!)