Wednesday, 17 May 2017

It's all happening.

We woke to the heavenly sound of rain! Everywhere was so dry, we really needed it, not just our gardens but rivers and reservoirs. The garden was drippy wet, especially the shrubs that line the path as I walked through them with two men from a tree firm. I lead the way pointing out the trees we need cut down and the shrubs we want pruned.. I am waiting for their quote. By 11 the rain had stopped and we had hot sunshine. The plumber I phoned yesterday turned up as he said at 10:00am, isn't that good.. and fixed the shower and the cold tap in the bathroom, £55 which we thought very reasonable. Essex and Suffolk water turned up too and within 5 mins we had a water meter.. the builder I contacted about the new kitchen we want,  phoned, so that's a start and very importantly this afternoon I bought a dishwasher from John Lewis, who price match, guarantee for 24 months and can deliver on Monday.. yeah!!
Some more boxes were emptied and we had our initial appointment at the Dr's surgery, after which we went for a coffee.. we don't mind things that have to be done, but we do have to make time for coffee!!  What about you?


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  1. Yes - we've had rain too - wonderful, the garden certainly needed it. This evening was gorgeous, took the dog for an extra evening walk,she could not believe her luck!