Friday, 19 May 2017

We've been here 8 days!!

We joined the local SW group last evening so to follow the plan we needed a biggish shop. We were used to a very large Tesco so today was a surprise. We battled with narrow isles, big trolleys loading shelves, crowds and where was stuff we wanted kept??? LOL  We had to pop to Waitrose for some items that 'Mr T' didn't have... wide isles, no crowds and found what we needed right away. Back home we had mackerel pate on a wholemeal roll, which was very nice,  but would have been nicer with butter as well and then a Danone raspberry yoghurt which was lovely. I could have eaten two!! At the SW meeting last evening, DH had lost and I put on! Must have been the fish n chips, Indian meal from Tesco's, cake from Waitrose,  chocolate the other night and those delish ryvita with dried fruit slathered in butter, I have enjoyed all this last week, I reckoned DH lost because he wasn't wearing his jumper! Still we have some nice food for the week. Tonight we have cod and  chips and peas.. yum yum!
Hope you find some bargains.. we got our cod from Waitrose which is 20% off on Fridays.
Sorting out the kitchen this afternoon as it is a mess, dish washer is due to arrive Monday.. hurrah!! Isn't it strange but when you have to hand wash dishes, at first it's a novelty but you soon get fed up!!
I have to find the wool I bought for the CAL I signed up for, as it started yesterday. Yet more boxes to check, will we ever be straight??
Moving is hard, have any of you found it easy??


  1. Moving is fun! (not) Glad you've found your way to the Tesco's it was so annoying shopping there as they would keep swapping things they had. So you would go one month and find they no longer stocked something! At least they are cheaper than Solar

  2. Ha ha! I love the competitiveness between you and your husband - and your 'diet' sounds a little different to SW's recommended one! 'He wasn't wearing his jumper . . ' lol, lol.