Sunday, 14 May 2017

What shall we do first???

It has rained here, but blue skies now. We had a lovely time here yesterday with DS, his GF and her little boy. I took charge of LB,, he's 6 going on 60!! He never stops talking. I had seen a dinosaurs' little kit which was a plaster shaped egg which you scrape at to find a little dinosaur inside. I put it by some plants that he could find, it kept him happy for quite a while, then he and I walked down the back lane to look for more 'eggs'!!! He kept up a running commentary on everything we saw and hundreds of questions. I used my walking stick,  as with my useless arm in its sling, my balance isn't good. He was great fun and interested in everything. We didn't find any more dinosaur eggs but as he said, there is always another day!! Such an old persons' comment!
GF tackled the grass nearest to the house and so it is a lot better, but still not looking like a lawn. DS moved furniture and boxes with DH.
We managed to produce a very nice BBQ with a limited number of dishes to serve things in, but the meat was delish. DH had let the coals get really hot so everything cooked superbly.
We even sat outside to eat but with our jackets on!
DS is coming again this week to put up some pictures and my over mantle mirror as we do have one fireplace. There is still lots to do but we have found the meat tin, plus some cooking tins; today we're having rib of beef and Yorkshire puds.. yum yum
So what shall we do first??? Lots to do here,  it is definitely a project...but I have looked up kitchen fitters, decorators, gardeners, tree surgeons and plumbers as the down stair's loo is a bit 'niffy.' I have tried bicarb, which does neutralise smells but it is still there. The tank has been boxed in with a pine wood structure and DH thinks it's that that is smelling. At the moment we leave the door open in there and that helps. Anyone any ideas?
But we are happy here..this afternoon we are off to the seaside, not Southend but Southwold. We can't wait, so we will be leaving the boxes still waiting to be unpacked and off to enjoy that sea air.
Life couldn't be better!

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