Monday, 26 June 2017

Change of plans

I still feel low and sad about my friend and today I have had a phone call from the hospital. My operation has been put back a week because my surgeon's mother is ill.
We had the hotel booked and the dog into kennels but we've been able to change them both.
I have been finding it exhausting in this heat. But I did sleep last night so did a bit to help DH plant the rest of the plants this afternoon.. We are forecast rain tomorrow and it looks like we're all in for some rain in the next few days too. 
Post op.I have been told I won't be able to lift up my arm,  I can't do it now,  although I have a try now and then and can nearly use a twizzle brush with my right arm to style my hair, but I have to dip my head right down and I jam the hairdryer in an open drawer.

The kennels were fine about changing the dates. I think we're her best customers as she doesn't have a lot of dogs there. Last time there were only 2 big dogs and 4 medium ones and that was with Nell. In Billericay there were at least 20+ dogs. 
Nell is safe there and although she goes in reluctantly,  it's what we always decided that we'd use kennels when necessary.
I do struggle on with my arm, the one good thing is the skin on it is lovely and soft as it is always in a sling, so doesn't get sun on it.  People ask how I can manage, but I say I have a duff arm and so  I just have to get on with it the best I can. I do think it is better these last couple of months I can do stuff now I couldn't before and I don't wear my sling in bed anymore, but I can't go without it during the day my arm aches too much. And I still worry I'll fall so use my third leg (walking stick) and it gives me confidence.


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