Sunday, 25 June 2017

So Sad

I have been without my laptop for four days, seemed much longer, but Friday I got it back repaired and whizzing along!!

There were 70+ mails but after the second mail, I didn't read any more.  It was a sad mail from my friend's daughter.. Iris and I had lots of holidays together, she had a major stroke 3 years ago and although she had partially recovered, she was never 100%.
She was taken ill 3 weeks ago and died on Tuesday.  I feel so sad about her. I wrote letters, emails and sent her cards over these last few years, but her daughter said they weren't quite sure she understood what they read to her and after that first stroke she couldn't speak.  I thought that was the worst thing, that it had affected her brain. She was such fun and slim and very attractive.

There were lots of times I nearly said to DH let's visit her but I never did.. so a lesson to learn for me is, when you feel you should do something.. just get on and do it. Before that first stroke we talked a lot on the phone.
I needed to phone another friend, because all three of us had holidays together and long weekends, we visited each other through the year. I cried on the phone with her.

The last holiday, Iris had phoned me to ask me to book a holiday for us and off we went to Portugal, and I can hear her saying in her northern accent, 'Aren't you going to wash that  before you eat it!' Because I had bought a peach off a roadside stall and was about to eat it there and then!

I feel so sad about the fact I've only just found out. She was such a lovely person. I prayed for her every day. Just simple prayers, that she'd have a good day, that her carer was gentle with her or that she felt happy.
No more pain or frustrations for her now, but a great big hole for her family and me.



  1. What a shock for you reading that email, how sad. But you have some really good memories of all your good times together, that's a blessing.

  2. Such sad news for you, I hope you'll soon remember the happy times and the sadness eases.