Friday, 9 June 2017

Will we ever get it straight, 125 ft long????

  This is our new garden; the grass hadn't been cut for the last 6 months, but the whole garden hadn't been tended for 2 years!! It is very over grown.. this is the view from the middle of the garden up to the house. The old shed has to go but not for the moment, it is all too much to do right away

 The other views are of the bottom of the garden.
There some very pretty areas, that make me think of the Secret Garden. And beautiful large trees, a Magnolia, a Judas tree, and Laburnum, a beautiful variegated leaf maple, and others, plus a large selection of shrubs.

A beautiful wisteria, but it is right at the bottom of the garden

But these large conifers had to go, they didn't just shade our own garden but our neighbours as well.

After the trees were cut down, it looked horribly bare, but we have bought 5 shrubs, and 4 new trees, a amelanchier, a Victoria plum, a crab apple, a smoke tree and we had brought our peach tree with us, so we have 5, all planted and they will be my next pics.
 The tree surgeons cut up the trunks, which my DS has collected for his log burning fire. One of my neighbours asked wouldn't we want it for a log burner, but I said.. no way, I like my heating controlled with a flick of a switch!!

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  1. Wow what a lovely long garden, I'm now puzzling where in town you are- didn't know anywhere had gardens as long as that! Although I've now guessed you are on one of the older roads.