Tuesday, 4 July 2017

A 'Marmite' Book?

Today we have been to our first book group meeting. The book discussed was 'A Life Discarded' which was about 148 diaries found in a skip. In my view the author Alexander Master missed the boat. What could have been a really good interpretation of the life written about in the diaries, was a dreary mis-match of threads of the story. Who on earth would get such a large number of diaries and not put them in chronological order, he didn't. But did try to find who the author was, but in a very long winded way. In the first few chapters he refers to the author as 'I', then 'not Mary' and then he tells us her real name was 'Laura,' but that wasn't her real name anyway!
He actually came up with a ridiculous theory to work out her height, by measuring the angles of the slope of her up strokes of her writing. It worked out that she was possibly 3meters plus tall!!  She wrote about her daily life, which was extremely boring and in a boring way, as much as a thousand words a day which is a record it seems. 
 You might have guessed I did not enjoy this book, and I wasn't the only one, but some members did and one lady thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was definitely a 'marmite' book, you either loved it or hated it! You might wonder why I read it to the end, I only did because it was for the book group.
Ah well, a new book for next month, I hope it's better! Are you able to read books you don't enjoy?

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  1. I've always been an avid reader, right from childhood and used to pride myself that I could read books in just about every category. But it seems I've lost that ability! I joined a Book Club with 9 members; we would meet in turn at each other's homes and whoever hosted was the one to choose the next book. But it soon became apparent that if someone didn't want to read any particular book, they didn't turn up for the next meeting (once there were only 3 of us, including the hostess!)
    Gradually the numbers dwindled until only 3 remained, at which point we disbanded the Club. Now I choose books I like and discard any that don't 'grab me' within the first couple of chapters.