Wednesday, 12 July 2017

A pleasant and lovely surprise.

These lovely flowers are from my cousin, sent 2 weeks before my hospital stay so I can appreciate them now!!
 I love them, such delicate colours and so thoughtful of her. We spent the first 8 years of our lives together, as they lived in my grand mother's house. I am 6 weeks older than her. We used to fight when we were little, but are rather more restrained at 74!
Welcome to three new followers, Chezbobs, Susan and Jules and thank you for the commiserations and advice from those of you who commented on my battle to lose weight!!
I can't say it loud in case my body hears and decides to hold onto the food I have eaten today, which was all on plan. Yesterday we packed a SW picnic and went to Southwold and had a blowy but warm afternoon, leaving there just as the rain started. I do love living here!
Hope if you're trying to lose weight you'll lose at least 2 pounds this next week.


  1. Beautiful flowers. My son has fond memories of spending holidays with his grandparents at Southwold xx

  2. Beautiful flowers. Well done on keeping to plan, it's sometimes the way, we feel at rock bottom and that's the incentive to move forwards. Struggling here to get back on it.