Sunday, 16 July 2017

Couldn't Sleep....

...... because I had had a phone call to tell me, my friend Monica had died. We worked together in a school in the eighties and had kept in touch over the years since. It was a very small school, just 84 children on the role with four classes. Monica worked as a job share for the head, so only worked  three days a week. I had a Christmas card from her and she didn't say she was ill, but her daughter phoned yesterday, bloody pancreatic cancer. So I was thinking of her and how we used to giggle like silly school children, as the head we worked for treated us all like small children and often lost her cool over the smallest thing, PMT in a big way.
One fetish ( we called it that)that she had was in Assembly, we weren't allowed to close our hymn books until the very last word had been sung.. Monica and I used to slam ours shut in the middle of the last chorus. The Head used to play the piano, but could see us and used to give us the 'glare' and we used to smile back at her!! Can you imagine being treated like that?

 I lasted 18 months there before I resigned. The last straw was when she queried my asking for a day off to fetch my 20 year old son from university, as he had Crohns and had had a very bad spell. So I took off two days!! She moved onto another school, the head that is, and was removed by the governors after 18 months when teachers kept leaving and then children were leaving in droves.
Monica and I used to sneak off to a quiet corner in the playground to talk about the head. We used to have coffee together right up to before I broke my arm, then she came to the house a couple of times, once with as huge bunch of snowdrops from her garden. Another lovely friend gone. I felt so sad about her and really feel for her daughter, as her mum was a rare person.
I couldn't get her out of my mind, she was such a lovely person..Although I hadn't seen her with all this moving kerfuffle, I knew she was there for me if I needed her. I miss her.


  1. Dear Chris. The joy of loving is sadly followed by the pain of loosing. Your friend sounds like a wonderful person and I hope your happy memories comfort you in the days to come.

  2. So sad to read of the loss of your friend, but it sounds like you have some wonderful memories of her. Thinking of you. Take care.

  3. So sad when people die, but it sounds like you have some marvellous memories of good times spent together xx

  4. Sorry about the loss of your friend, remember the good times you shared and that you were a good friend to her.

  5. I'm sorry to read of your sad news. It sounds like Monica was a lot of fun. X